Dansen vanaf september 2011 tot en met december 2012.

Linedansen partnerdansen 50+ dansen
Caballero Won't Be Lonely Caballero
Another song Arjjaze Swing Another Song
Whiskey's Gone Un-Burning Bridges Billy Bayou
Doi'n Alrite As Request Gulf of Mexico
We Can Help U With That Cindy Lou Two Step Raised on Love
Lonely Too. It's Not Me Flying High
Tomorrow. Timeless A Dream Come True
Have To Surrender Chocolate Delight Seein' Double
Don't Let Me Down. Stepping Out A Love Worth Waiting 4.
Look Heart No Hands. Don't Really matter. Blue Spanish Eyes.
A Love Worth Waiting 4 Rock Bottom Blue Night Cha.
Hooray Henry. Hands On My Heart. Voulez Vous danser.
Voulez Vous Danser. Roll With It. Hear My Song.
Til Forever. Helene Fischer. Double Twist. Blue Side Of Lonesome.
Sunny In Seattle. Time And Time Again. Bandido's Last Ride.
Still Water Runs Deep. We All Bleed Red. Angel Star waltz.
Take It From There. Don't Think. Whispering Your Name.
Rolling Thunder. Take My Hand. Blue Cafe.
Love At First Dance Another Man's Sky. Looking For A Fool.
A Dance of Love. She's Actin' Single. Indo Dreams.
Bandido's Last Ride.   Disappearing Tail Lights.
Moments of Heaven.   What A Trill.
Whispering Your name.   Everybody's Sweetheart.
Going Down The Mountain.   Everything I Need.
How Could I.   Heart Of My Mind.
Murphy's law.   Joanna.
Open Heart Cowboy.   Cheap Talk.
Wake Me Up    
Days Of Thunder.    
Where The Wind Blows.    
Land Of Dreams.    
Change The World.    
More Of You.    
Blue Heartache.    
I Cry.    
The Belle Of Liverpool.    
I Kissed You (goodnight)    
Can't Let Go.    
Did It For The Girl.